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Exotic Flooring Options

Exotic Flooring Options

Easy on the eyes and gentle on the environment, natural cork and bamboo flooring continue to grow in popularity.  While these amazing natural substances are still not quite as prevalent as pine, oak, and other traditional hardwoods, there’s a lot to love about cork and bamboo. Both are considered renewable natural resources, and both boast natural beauty, with some pretty unique twists.


At Carpet One Floor & Home of Denver we carry all the latest in bamboo and cork flooring products, including some seriously stunning selections by Voyager. Looking for sustainable flooring that also looks and feels terrific? Our experienced staff can help you find the perfect pick in bamboo or cork flooring.



Bamboo and Cork Flooring

bamboo floors


Anything but basic, bamboo flooring is harder than pine or maple, and even better, it’s harvested from one of the planet’s fastest-regenerating plants. Bamboo plank is also easy to install, and available in many different finishes and shades. 


Light, durable, and moisture-absorbent, natural cork comes from the bark of a tree that’s common in the Mediterranean. Since the harvesting process doesn’t harm the trees, cork is a highly sustainable material that offers reliable floor insulation and interesting grain patterns. These planks and tiles are extremely soft to walk on, and are a nice option for those seeking something both unique and earth-friendly.

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