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Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Picking out your new luxury vinyl flooring is just half the battle – the next step, getting that new floor installed in your space, is when things can get a little more complicated. Now what? We can help, no matter which route you decide. At Carpet One Floor & Home in Denver, we’re proud to offer a full range of luxury vinyl flooring products and related services. Whether you have concerns over your upcoming self-installation, or you’ve decided it might make more sense to hire professionals, you can trust Carpet One Floor & Home.

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Ask Us About Installation

The addition of luxury vinyl flooring is a great way to enhance your living space, while increasing your bottom-line property value. Proper installation is the best way to ensure both outcomes. The fact is, your floors’ condition can make or break your next home estimate. If installed incorrectly, your floor might wear out prematurely – and you may not be protected by your warranty.

For the well-initiated, self-installation can still be an appealing choice. After all, many types of luxury vinyl flooring are designed for quick and easy installation, clicking firmly into place, with no need for a messy adhesive.

Where can luxury vinyl flooring be installed? For the most part, because luxury vinyl can handle moisture and foot traffic, it can be installed anywhere in the home. Luxury vinyl is popular in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even basements.

Our Installation Services

There are some types of luxury vinyl flooring products that tend to be a bit trickier and take more time to install. The process of measuring, cutting, and apply the bonding agents that are sometimes needed tends to require a bit of practice. We understand your frustrations and we’re here to help. Indeed, a quick call to our installation team can make all the difference when it comes finalizing your floors.

Do you still have questions concerning your upcoming luxury vinyl flooring installation? Check out Carpet One’s helpful Installation Guide or stop by our Denver showroom today.

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Measuring Your Room

Before installation, you'll need to make sure your room is properly measured. Our installation experts will provide you with an accurate measurement and estimate. Visit our Flooring Guide to learn more.

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