Stain-Resistant Carpets

Stain-Resistant Carpet Options available at Carpet One Denver

Wondering what the best carpet options are for an active family with children and/or pets? At Carpet One located in Denver, CO, we offer exclusivity with several great name brand carpets that are sure to withstand you’re families everyday wear and tear AND stains, too!

Stain-Resistant Carpet Brands


Take advantage of Stainmaster carpet offering moderate pricing and performance designed to fit the active lifestyle of a fast-paced family!

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Available in three different extensions SoftStyle, Cherish and H20, Tigressa provides softness, quality, and beauty all-in-one for the best performance for years to come!

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Innovia’s Touch Xtreme Clean offers premier performance with smooth fibers that prevent liquid from seeping within the carpet including pet accidents!

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Relax, it's... Lees

Last but certainly not the least is Relax, it’s… Lees! Best known for its unbeatable warranty and extremely dense carpet backing prohibits stains from ruining your carpet during life’s inevitable messes!

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Stain Clean Up Tips

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Carpet One

Check Your Warranty

The trick is simply checking your carpet warranty which will provide information on the accurate information as to what cleaning products can and CANNOT be used.

Cleaning Technique

BLOT – DON’T RUB! By rubbing, you actually are risking pushing liquid or stains deeper in the carpet

Use Proper Cleaning Cloth

Avoid using paper towels with print on them because it can actually transfer into your carpet making the stain worse. Use a clean cloth or towel for best results.