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Carpet One Denver in Colorado offers many different options for flooring such as wood flooring, laminate flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, and carpet. Our main goal is to focus on our clients’ needs blended with their lifestyle to find the perfect match for flooring.

Often times, clients’ are migrating over to hard surface flooring because it is easier to maintain, it makes cleaning a breeze when there are spills, dirt, or other accidents. Luckily, with technology, innovation, and style, we are able to bring you a reliable carpet for worry-free living- Relax, It’s… Lees.

Carpet OneLees Flooring Sale

Now is no time like the present! During our Lees Flooring Sale you can save up to 50% off! Lees offers lifetime, worry-free living with our brand that stands up to everyday wear and tear. If you’re considering flooring, we recommend visiting our store in Denver, CO to check out our samples.

Lees’ Advantage

First and foremost, the most important aspect of this premium carpet is its durable, stain resistant quality which beats any other carpet flooring options. How do you get such a high performing carpet and moreover, how long is it really going to last?Carpet One

  • With the ExtraLoc backing, which is unique to all Lees’ products, this carpet is two times tougher than standard carpet backing with up to 4X the density. The denser a carpet is, the longer it will last given its higher quality construction.

  • The answer is quite simple really, with nylon fibers, Lees 4X protection is able to prevent liquids like coffee, wine, bleach, and pet stains from settling deep within your flooring for a much longer time- 4X longer than any other traditional carpet to be exact.

  • Besides our powerful stain resilience our infamous Lees carpet brand also embellishes style with comfort. Our color palette and designs consists of 18 different styles to fit your home design needs! Whether your kids are always on the floor playing or you’re overcrowded for movie night, we understand that comfort is key in areas you just want to relax.

Premium Warranty

Everyone wants their flooring to last- preferably, forever, right? RIGHT! Unfortunately, that’s not always the circumstance we are left in, especially if you don’t make the right choice and the right investment in the first place. Through our Carpet One exclusive brand option, Lees provides a warranty like no other competing carpet brand to ensure your decision is the best decision for you family or household.

Ultra25 Stain Warranty provides 25 years of full coverage on your flooring investment for all areas and ALL stains which include, but are not limited to, coffee, wine, juice, soil, bleach, grease and pet stains.

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